Unboxing of the small Kodi box launched this week: COOD-E TV

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A while ago we had an exclusive announcement about the new Kodi box designed in Europe: the COOD-E TV.

Time passed and COOD-E TV is available starting this week all over Europe, in both physical stores and online (including Amazon).

Priced at around €100, COOD-E TV seems like a good choice if you want to watch on your HD TV content from the internet or local NAS using Kodi.

COOD-E TV comes with a stylish packaging, the kind that might get your attention if you see it on the shelves.

Unboxing: COOD-E TV COOD-E TV: what's in the box COOD-E TV: box contents COOD-E TV: the remote

The first thing you see when you open the box is the unit itself, nicely packed in a blue foam.

Underneath the first layer of foam there's the multi-language Quick start guide, followed by the accessories.

Cood-E TV device is quite small when compared to most Android TV boxes (a square of only 92mm - 3.6'').

It's chassis is made out of a good-looking plastic with their logo imprinted on top and a touch of blue on the front.

There are no connectors on the left or right side, everything is on the back: an AV port, HDMI output, the ethernet port and the USB 2.0 port.

As mentioned on our previous article about the Cood-E TV, having a single USB port can be a let down for those that want to use more than one device at a time (keyboard, mouse/airmouse, HDD), but this device is clearly aimed at internet content and one can use a USB hub if needed.

COOD-E TV accessories: the device comes with a power adapter, small IR remote and batteries for the said remote. As with any Android device, the IR remote only gets you so far and most people will appreciate an airmouse instead.

There is a reserved space inside the packaging for the COOD-E KEY wireless bluetooth dual sided remote/keyboard which will be made available sometime next month and might be bundled with the Cood-E TV in the future (now that space holds a leaflet promoting the Cood-E KEY now).

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