Side by side: Egreat A10 vs Egreat A5 - two of the most interesting media players available today

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Egreat A10

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    Hisilicon Hi3798C V200
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We talked about Egreat and their 2016 comeback on previous posts about their Egreat A5 model (full review here).

But they do have an even more complex (and more expensive model) which has a built-in 3.5'' HDD tray and an RS232 port - and it's also much bigger in size.
You can see below the full comparison between the current Egreat models, both in specs and in real-life.

Egreat A10's price make it in the same price-range as the top Android TV boxes like Nvidia Shield or the Zappiti 4K HDR products, which is a bold move from a company that hasn't been in the "game" for a few years.

Where to buy Egreat A10

Egreat A10 can be purchased from GeekBuying .

But they did get some things right : a good SoC, very good image quality, impressive passthrough support and HDR capabilities and they partenered with VidOn to get the most out the hardware's capabilities - and it went well so far, as you can read in our Egreat A5 review, device that shares the same firmware as A10.

Egreat A10 unboxing and review

Egreat A10 unboxing : front view Egreat A10 package Egreat A10 right side Egreat A10 left side Egreat A10 HDD bay Egreat A10 connectors Egreat A10 connectors (#2)

It won't make sense for us to review the A10 with the same firmware as the A5, as we'll get the same results, so we might be back when an Android 7.0 firmware update for Egreat A5 and Egreat A10 will surface (HiSilicon is working on it and the competing devices from Himedia already published a version.)

But let's see just how does the price difference between A5 and A10 comes from on our side by side comparison.

Egreat A5 Egreat A10
SoC HiSilicon Hi3798C V200 HiSilicon Hi3798C V200
GPU MaliT720 MaliT720
USB 2.0 2 1
USB 3.0 1 1
Internal HDD tray No Yes
External SATA Yes Yes
Gigabit Ethernet Yes Yes
HDMI 2.0 Yes Yes
RS232 No Yes
Cooling fan No Yes
On/off switch No Yes
Coaxial Yes Yes
Optical Yes Yes
A/V Yes Yes

Egreat A10 is a giant when compared to the A5

What's the intended use for that RS232 port on Egreat A10? Well it looks like the serial interface is for communication with other devices - like "smart home", but I have yet to find some example on how to put that to use.

Other than that, Egreat A10 is a solid device (both hardware and software).

GeekBuying is kind enough to offer a huge voucher/coupon code - use coupon code PUCNMXCE to get $70 off on both Egreat A10 and Egreat A5.
This means the price gets to a much more manageable $229 for Egreat A10 and $139 for Egreat A5.