Quick unboxing of the Higole Gole10 tablet Mini PC - now with a better screen and audio

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Higole Gole10

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    Intel Atom Z8350
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Update : Full review for Gole10 now published here.

Christmas came early this year, bringing me a chance to play with Higole Gole10, the newest and largest touchscreen Mini PC from Higole. This gives me the chance to compare it with my other 2 Higole devices, the 5-inch Gole1 Plus (reviewed here) and the 5-inch Higole F1 tiny PC.

We talked about Higole Gole10 mini PC briefly when it was announced, mentioning that while it's predecessors were aimed at home users the Gole10 steps up to attract a new type of clients - commercial users. Now the device can be used in the office for presentations as well as in the kitchen for recipes browsing - there are use cases where a tablet mini PC fits better than a regular tablet.

Where to buy Higole Gole10

Higole Gole10 can be purchased from GearBest .

Higole Gole10 unboxing

The device comes in a pretty standard cardboard box, with little just two upside down pictures of the device and a few icons that discretely reveal what type of device we're having inside : a Windows (10), 10.1 inch, touch-enabled device with an Ethernet port and a RS232 DB9 port.

On the side of the cardboard box we have the checkboxes for the device version: US or EU plugs and 2GB+32GB versus 4GB+32G. My version had the EU plug and 4GB of RAM (the model number is GF1001).

Higole Gole10 unboxing - giftbox

What's in the box

Inside the box we have the actual device, which does make a great first impression.
There's also a "F6 / Gole 10 User Manual", which reveals another name for the device (Higole F6) and covers the connection ports. The user manual has instructions for charging a lithium battery, but my device did not include one, so perhaps there's another version that does. If a battery is important to you, you should get in touch with Higole before ordeing.
I've also found a brochure with info about the company and their other products, including the Gole BOX1 industrial PC and the Gole1 Plus device I already mentioned.
There's also a Certificate of Conformity issued by Shenzhen SEM.Test Technology Co., Ltd and the 5V/3A power adapter.

Higole Gole10 package contents
Higole Gole10 unboxing

Higole Gole10 look

As I said, the Gole10 mini pc does make a good first impression. It's black finish gives it an high-quality look and the screen looks very good.
The device is lighter than I expected, but that's probably because of the missing battery and using lighter materials (more plastic used on this one, but a good quality one).

Just below the screen there's a tactile Windows logo, which brings the Start menu when touched.
Just above the screen we see one of the best improvements: the speakers are nw on front and the audio quality, which was the first thing I checked, improved considerably - kudos to the Gole team.

The left side does not have any ports, while on the left we have the on/off button, the volume button (up & down), a tiny hole for the power led, one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 and audio jack.

On the back we get the rest of the ports: a micro SD slot, two USB 2.0 port, HDMI 1.4 output, Ethernet, the power jack and an RS-232 port.
Some people asked why the new device has an RS-232 port: with Gole10 being aimed at industrial users, this makes sense for those that need this port in order to connect a barcode scanner or for points-of-sales (PoS).

On the bottom we have the four rubber pads that cover the screws and some ventilation holes.

Higole Gole10 right side
Higole Gole10 back view

Where to buy Higole Gole10

Higole Gole10 is available on several Chinese retailers, a good deal you can get from GearBest at $168.99, or just $148.99 with the coupon code GBG10.

I would like to thank Shenzhen Qianhai GOLE Technology for providing a review sample. You can contact them directly if you're interested in a OEM tablet mini PC's from a reputable provider.

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