Meet Beelink BT3, new Intel Cherry Trail (Atom x5-Z8300) Mini PC

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Beelink BT3

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    Intel Atom Z8300
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After launching two Amlogic S905 devices just a few weeks ago, Beelink are back on with a new product.

Beelink BT3 is not their first "wintel" Mini PC, last year there were several Z3735F Beelink devices that are still available on market (Pocket P1, Pocket P2).

I haven't figured out a pattern for the product names Beelink uses : "BT3"? They use various SoC's and various names, even for devices that use the same SoC. In fact, Pocket P1 and P2 mentioned above might be the only ones that make sense.

BT3 uses the quad core Intel Atom x5-Z8300 SoC and comes with 2GB of RAM and (most likely) 64GB ROM (they mention two partitions : 40GB and 20GB, but a 64 GB nand/eMMc is more likely).

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Beelink Intel BT3 Beelink Intel BT3

Beelink BT3 specs

  • CPU: Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 (Quad core,up to 1.84Ghz)
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics Gen7
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3
  • ROM: 64GB(?) (Nand)
  • HDMI: 1.4
  • LAN: Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4/5.8)
  • USB: 1 X USB 3.0 and 2 X USB 2.0.
  • Other: SD Card,Bluetooth 4.0, microphone/headphones Jack

Currently specs mention a C:/ partition with 12.8 GB free (out of 40) and a D: partition with 0.0 GB free out of 20 GB, but it's most likely a mistake and ~13 GB are used and the rest free.

Beelink Intel BT3 is now on sale at GearBest for $145 ($129 if you use the coupon code GBBT3)