Kaiboer Q10 Plus is a new high-end Realtek RTD1295 Mini PC

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Kaiboer Q10 Plus

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    Realtek RTD1295
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We see more and more Realtek RTD1295 devices in the wild, and it looks like this SoC has managed to get the attention of some of the old-school manufacturers (the ones that started the "media player" craziness back in 2008).

One of the manufaturers that were once very well-known , both in China and abroad, was Kaiboer.
They had quite a few models, most with the the old Realtek 1073/1185/1186 SoC's (and a few SigmaDesigns chips, if I recall correctly).

Now they are launched Kaiboer Q10 Plus, a RTD1295 Mini PC that comes with all the bells and whistles : solid metal casing, 2GB/16GB combo, USB 3.0, 3.5'' HDD tray, VFD, HDMI-Input, NAS function.

Kaiboer Q10 Plus Mini PC Kaiboer Q10 Plus HDD tray Kaiboer Q10 Plus ports Kaiboer Q10 Plus unboxing

Kaiboer Q10 Plus Mini PC full specs

  • SoC: Realtek RTD1295
  • CPU: 64bit, Quad Core Cortex-A53
  • GPU: T820 MP3
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3
  • ROM: 16GB eMMC
  • LAN: Gigabit
  • Wi-fi: 2.4G/5.8G 802.11ac dual-band
  • USB: 1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Audio/Video: HDMI 2.0, SPDIF optical,Cvbs
  • Other:HDMI 2.0 Input(Record and streaming), SATA 3.0,SD card reader, Bluetoothâ„¢ 4.0
  • OS: Android 6.0 + Openwrt

Sadly there's nothing that suggests that Kaiboer Q10 Plus will be available overseas, as some of the old Kaiboer devices once were.
And it looks like Kaiboer might have other models with the same SoC as well - Q9 Plus and Q20 might be based on Realtek RTD1295 as well.

Looks like since the battle for the low-cost TV boxes is so cut-throat, with many manufacturers that just launch device after device, with the lowest price in mind, most old media player manufacturers will be just focusing on the high-end market.

Having that in mind, I wouldn't be too surprised if Mede8er will launch their own Realtek RTD1295 Mini PC soon.