Meet the new Minix Z line, with Pentium N3700 and Celeron N3150

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Minix Z

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    Intel Celeron N3700
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Update - First Mini PC from the Minix "Z" line is now available.

Just a few days ago I was talking with a friend and he noticed that Minix has been rather quiet lately - there hasn't been much news about Minix Mini PC's since they launched the Z64.

All that changed today when they let the news about their new "Z" line spread just ahead of IFA 2015.

Finally some news that is not about a new Z3735F device!

The Minix Z will have, according to Minix's facebook page at least two versions based on the Intel Braswell SoC's, and this in itself is a very exciting news.

Pentium N3700 is a quad-core (with 4 threads) processor clocked at 1.60 Mhz (2.4 Mhz in turbo mode) and with just 6W TDP it is very power-efficient, more than any predecesor.
The GPU is the same 8th generation Intel HD Graphics as Celeron N3000 or Celeron N3050 but the operating frequencies in the range of 400-700 MHz the results will be much better.

As for the chassis, Minix will keep their signature one, but this time it might not be made out of plastic. Instead, Minix chose an metal alloy and the "Minix" logo placed usually on the top of the device is slightly changed.

The power button and the three USB 3.0 ports are placed on the right side, while the left side is reserved to the two mean-looking wi-fi antennas.

On the back we'll find a 3.5 jack combo, mini-Display Port, HDMI, SPDIF and RJ45 Ethernet LAN.

New Minix Z metal alloy chassis Two wi-fi antennas Minix Braswell ports 3 USB 3.0 ports on the right side

If you're wondering about the RAM and ROM, the Windows 10 screenshot below will clear things up very fast: the Minix Z line will have at least one product with 8GB of RAM (DDR3-1600) and a 256GB NGFF SSD.

Minix Z Windows 10 screenshot showing 8GB or RAM and 256 GB storage (SSD)

The second model is based on Intel Celeron N3150 (Quad core, 2.08 GHz).

Windows 10 64-bit license should be optional, and 4GB/8GB of RAM can be an option also.

Pricing, you might ask? This is not known at this time, but we can expect it to be more expensive than any previous Minix product.

More details should come up in a few days.

Via NotebookItalia.