Zidoo is launching two new devices: Zidoo Eversolo, white noise generator, and the V5 airmouse

Zidoo was pretty noisy lately promoting their new $200+ flagship, but as it turns out they were also quietly working on an ... white noise generator.

Named Zidoo Eversolo, the new device is a Blueetooth speaker with a twist : it has 10 built-in sounds, each with own dial, that can be used to generate a custom combination of white noise to help with noisy neighbors, traffic sounds or snoring spouses.

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The built-in sounds are some of the commonly used for white-noise generation (bind, rain, thunder, ocean waves, stream , farm noises, etc), and the individual volume dials for each of the 10 sounds are a nice touch.
It also has a built-in auto timer off, so it will turn itself off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

The device can be also connected to a phone like a normal bluetooth speaker (Blueetooth 4.1), and it also has an aux connection so you can connect it to an external MP3 player if needed.

Here's the promotional video for the device :

Zidoo Eversolo is a device that wanders off a bit from Zidoo's comfort zone, but you can certainly see that this device was carefully designed and

Eversolo will be available in May on Amazon and the company did not leave any clues about it's price - they do offer a $10 coupon on the product page.

Zidoo V5

The second product launched recently by Zidoo it's their own airmouse/mini-keyboard device named Zidoo V5.

Zidoo V5 comes with all the buttons you would expect on an Android remote, a keyboard , rechargeable battery and built-in microphone for voice input.

The specs do mention infrared, so in theory you could turn on/off a Zidoo device, but that remains to be confirmed by Zidoo (or a client).

Zidoo V5 airmouse Zidoo V5 airmouse Zidoo V5 airmouse

The airmouse unfortunately is not bundled with their newest X10 "flagship", which we are currently reviewing - it would have been a great addition.

Zidoo V5 is currently available at GeekBuying for $29.