AC Ryan's sister company is launching a crowdfunding campaign for the next-gen karaoke device

We'll go a bit off-topic today, as this post is not about Mini PC's.

Today a sister company of AC Ryan (Moment) is starting a new campaign on Indiegogo for a product that might be the next big thing for karaoke fans.

Traditionally a karaoke device comes with a limited set of songs, which you can extend only if you pay extra (CDS, DVDs or a subscription). And you could only use it for one thing, so they mostly sit somewhere waiting for your next party.

What if you can have a karaoke device that would be able to play any song from your phone, local network or even from your favorite streaming service (Spotify, Deezer, Youtube)?
That would mean that you no longer need to buy new CD's or download songs before your party, you can simply create a playlist or take requests from the guests - that sounds amazing, right?

Not only that, Moment would play well with your existing smartphone - you can install an app that that will help you to do all the things you ever wanted on your old karaoke machine, as it has an equalizer, allows fine-grained adjustments for treble or bass, and even echo levels for the microphone!

Moment sound

Unlike other karaoke machines, this device won't stay unused most of the time, as it's essentially a 16-inch soundbar, so you can use it as a sound system for your PC or TV.

How's the sound quality you ask? Well, Moment Sound's subwoofer promises a nice surround experience (DTS TruSurround) and the Bluetooth aptX technology promises CD-like quality for wireless streaming.
The soundbar and subwoofer are connected automatically via Bluetooth and you can connect both analogical and digital devices if you have them and don't mind having cables around.

So will this project be successful?

Priced at $199 (during the Indiegogo campaign), Moment sound is a multipurpose device that won't get obsolete very soon (unlike all those karaoke devices that haven't changed in the last 10 years).
So yes, it can be attractive as a simple soundbar for TV or for watching movies from your Mini PC - I had to add a Mini PC in the article somehow :-).
Playing music from the cloud and using it as a karaoke device with unlimited songs and nice playlists is a nice bonus.

Many old devices got the "smart" prefix when they incorporated some of the same technologies - we now have smart-phones, smart-TV's, whu not smart-karaoke machines?