Unboxing the newest Minix Mini PC - Minix Neo Z83-4

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  • 32GB
  • 4GB
  • GPU
  • 4

Minix Neo Z83-4

  • OS
  • Wi-Fi
  • LAN
    Intel Atom Z8300
4 - 1

After a few months of quietness, Minix announced the Z83-4 Mini PC around a month ago and in just two weeks the device already hit the shelves.

Z83-4 is an interesting device and I am very happy to be able to test it, there are some use cases where a tiny Windows 10 Mini PC with the extra features that Minix packed Z83-4 with will simply shine.

But more on that on the actual Z83-4 review, let's get started with the unboxing first.

I would like to thank Minix for kindly offering the Z83-4 for a review - you can read more about the device on their website.

Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 box Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 box Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 unboxing

Minix Z83-4 unboxing

All Minix products come with the same visual identity, on both the giftbox and actual product - which I think it's great.

The giftbox is a high-quality one using blue and white - and some silver insertions, including a 3D sticker. I like it because you know what can you expect from the device just by looking at it - the product name and main characteristics (and even box contents) are on top and sides, while the bottom reveals full product specs.

What's inside the box?

Inside the box we find the product itself, a small HDMI cable, the power adapter and the detachable wi-fi antenna.
There's also a product brochure that contain pretty much all other Minix products (with a notable exception, the Minix Neo U1) and the recommended accessories (the Neo A2 AirMouse is particularly awesome).
As you'd expect from a premium brand, the Z83-4 comes also with a multi-language setup guide (English, German, Chinese).

Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 box contents Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 accessories

The device itself is a bit heavier than I expected (most likely due to the large heatsink), and it has the same good-quality plastic casing you can find in all other Minix devices.
The brand "Minix" is very proeminent on top, while the bottom is reserved for the usual markers (CE, RoHS, etc) and serial numbers.
There are no visible ventilation holes and everything is tightly fitted - the bottom of the device is even cold to the touch.

Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 front Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 with antenna Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 right Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 right Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 back Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 back Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 left Minix Neo NEO-Z83-4 left

Although the device is just 12.8 by 12.8 centimeters, Minix managed to pack quite a few connectors.

The right side has the power button, SD card slot and the USB ports (3 USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0).

The left side has the antenna and the Kensington lock.

On the back we have a headphone jack, DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet and 12V DC-In port.

Everything points to a high-quality product - and judging from the price, it should.
I won't be surprised to hear about Minix being referred to as "Apple of TV boxes".
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