Unboxing Probox2 Air - small, but powerful Amlogic box

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Probox2 Air

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    Amlogic S905X
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We had a busy month here at MiniPC DB, with several interesting devices that arrived for a review (and we still have a few left).

One of the most impressive devices we got to play with is the Probox2 Air - the device makes a great first impression, with everything carrefully designed : from the size and materials used to the fact that, unlike most similar boxes we saw in the past years, there's an English user manual for both the device and the airmouse that comes with it (Remote +) that's in a perfect ... English.

I guess we should have expected this as Probox2 Air is being sold on Amazon and the price is slightly above average (among devices with similar SoC and features), but it's always a good surprise to receive a Mini PC/TV Box that have a good product appeal.

I would like to thank the folks at Probox2 for kindly offering the their Probox2 Air for a review - you can read more about the device on their website.

Probox2 Air giftbox Probox2 Air box Probox2 Air box

Probox2 Air unboxing

Probox2 Air has surprisingly small form factor and that can be noticed even before the actual unboxing - the giftbox itself is quite small and, as you can see below, it can pack both the device with accessories and two remotes (the standard IR remote and the more useful Remote+ airmouse).

The box itself has the product name on top and the main specs, which are fully detailed on the bottom of the box as well. Sides have the usual retail details, including barcode and product's unique serial number.

What's inside the box?

Inside the bix we find the small device (fits in my palm), the IR remote, the Remote+ airmouse and it's USB adapter, a small HDMI cable, the power adapter and two quick guides.

Probox2 Air box contents Probox2 Air Mini PC with Remote+

The Remote+ airmouse is a nice surprise : comes with an IR function, which means the standard IR remote can be avoided altogether. It also has a microphone, built-in gyroscope and even dedicated buttons for gaming.
The microphone can be used, as you'd expect for Skype or Google Voice.

The Probox2 Air mini PC itself is quite small at it's 99mm x 107.5mm x 16.3mm and 190 grams and it's made out of high-quality plastic with the Probox2 logo embossed on the top (material is quite similar, if not identical, to what Minix uses for their Mini PC's).

Probox2 Air Mini PC with Remote+ adapter Probox2 Air Mini PC front view Probox2 Air Mini PC detached antenna

There's a front LED light, while the right side is where the detachable wi-fi antenna can be connected.

On the left side we can conveniently find one USB port and the SD card reader, so you can add easily a mouse or the receiver for the Remote+ airmouse.

The back is the home for a second USB port, the HDMI and Ethernet ports and an optical output.

Probox2 Air left ports Probox2 Air back

So far I'm impressed with the looks of the little device, we'll be putting it to an extended test in a few days to see if the performance matches our expectations (which are high, at this point).

One thing worth noting: Probox2 provides updates for it's devices, including this one, so it's one of the manufacturers that actually provides customers with software improvements - good for them!

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