Unboxing the Rikomagic MK22 Amlogic S912 Mini PC

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Rikomagic MK22

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    Amlogic S912
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Amlogic S912 is quite appealing to both manufacturers and Mini PC users - so appealing that we have a huge list of Amlogic S912 devices that grows every week.

So manufacturers are trying to get in front of the others and they use all the marketing tools they have at their disposal to do so - some use the price, some use funky designs, anything that would give them an edge.

Rikomagic's S912 device is also featuring an out-of-ordinary design, with the RKM logo on top on a raised circle surrounded by some concentric circles - simple, but it does catch the eye.

I would like to thank Rikomagic for kindly offering the MK22 for a review - you can read more about the device on their website.

Rikomagic MK22 unboxing Rikomagic MK22 unboxing (specs) Rikomagic MK22 unboxing

Rikomagic MK22 unboxing

Rikomagic is one of the most reputable Android TV box manufacturers and it makes sense for them to have a visual identity - for each product they launch the box has a similar design, a stylish one with black and white, the product photo on top and the full specs on the bottom of the box.
For MK22 we learn about the 2GB/16GB combo, Gigabit Ethernet, Android 6.0, dual-band wi-fi and a QR code for the e-manual.

What's inside the box?

The box contains the Mini PC, a good-looking (but simple) IR remote and the power adapter (there's no HDMI cable, or at least my sample didn't have one).
While there's no printed User guide you can access the manual using the QR code found on the box.

Rikomagic MK22 box content

The right side has one USB 2.0, the SD card slot and what appears to be a reset pinhole

There are no ports on the left side.

On the back we have the external Wi-fi, two USB 2.0 ports, optical and AV outputs, HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet.

Rikomagic MK22 front view Rikomagic MK22 right view Rikomagic MK22 back

RKM MK22 is a small device ( just a bit larger than my phone), but that packs quite some processing power thanks to the Amlogic S912 SoC. We'll be fully reviewing it and come back with a new article.
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