Quick unboxing of the Zidoo X1 Mini PC based on Allwinner H3

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    Allwinner H3
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Zidoo's new entry-level Mini PC is here and I must say it looks amazing!

The Zidoo X1 is a palm-sized Mini PC with an unique design which is guaranteed to get you a lot of "What is that under your TV?" questions from any visitors - and that is because it doesn't look like any other TV box or Mini PC you've ever seen.
It's hard to describe it and the pictures below really do not make it justice, as even in the gray version it looks much better in real-life. I imagine that the bright yellow Zidoo X1 yellow version looks even more appealing (although it might distract your attention a bit too much when placed under the TV.)

I can't say I'm surprised though, Zidoo does have an history of creating good-looking Mini PC's and did this with their previous model (Zidoo X9). And to complete that, Zidoo offers better than average after-sale support, which sadly is a "rara avis" amongst Mini PC/TV box manufacturers.

Just this week Zidoo announced a new firmware update for the Zidoo X1 Mini PC and a second launcher for the device - we'll be testing all this on a future post here on MiniPCDB.

Back to the unboxing, Zidoo X1 comes in a simple white box with the Zidoo logo and the "X1" name written in huge letters.

You can get a sense of what to expect from the device by looking at the seven squares found right on the box: 4K, 3D, Quad core, ZIUI (the Zidoo-designed launcher we covered on our Zidoo X9 review), Wi-fi, H.265/HEVC and, as usual with any Android Mini PC launched in the last couple of years, Kodi (formerly known as XBMC).

Zidoo X1 Zidoo X1 unboxing

There's nothing else on the box - except the usual compliance icons (CE, RoHS, etc) and the device MAC address and Zidoo's physical address - all of them found on the bottom.
Speaking about the MAC address, the unit own has a MAC that starts with "DCC0DB" which belongs to Shenzhen Kaiboer Technology Co - not a big suprise there.

The first thing you see after opening the box is the Mini PC itself, covered in a protective bag to prevent scratches - but I don't think it will be easy to scratch it, the top cover (gray for the device we test) is made of some high-quality plastic that you can't easily scratch - and better yet, it doesn't collect fingerprints - well done, Zidoo!

Zidoo X1 inside the box Zidoo X1 inside the box

What else is on the box? The accessories include:

  • the power adapter, which looks to be of good quality
  • HDMI cable, short length
  • IR remote control (with learning function)
  • the "Zidoo X1 simple manual" - which is, as the name suggests, simple - covering the basics of using the Mini PC

All ports are found at the back of the device, where we have the A/V port, HDMI, RJ-45 ethernet, 2 USB ports and one SD card port.
The IR receiver is found on the front in a special semi-transparent location.

Zidoo X1 angle view Zidoo X1 front view Zidoo X1 right Zidoo X1 back

The unit does promise a lot you usually don't expect from a Mini PC priced around $50, and we'll test those promises in detail in our future review.

We'll also try to answer all questions about the device that appeared since the launch.
One of the most important questions is how well does the unit handle overheating, as there are no ventilation holes anywhere.

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