Zidoo X5 unboxing - a quick look at the newest Mini PC from Zidoo

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Zidoo X5

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    Amlogic S905
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Zidoo X5 is the fourth Mini PC launched by Zidoo and we will be reviewing here on MiniPCDB just like we did with the other Mini PC's from Zidoo.

Based on Zidoo's previous history this will also be one of the Amlogic S905 devices that will get firmware updates.
Just a few days ago Zidoo announced firmware updates for their X1 and X6 Pro models, and a few back their X9 model had a new firmware update that made it probably the single Mstar MSO9180 device to be updated for that much time.

There are quite a few Amlogic S905 Mini PC's now on market, but Zidoo's Z5 doesn't look like any one of them. They chose an unique design for the casing and, as we'll see in the next article, for the PCBA.

Zidoo X5 Mini PC Zidoo X5 Mini PC unboxing

Zidoo X5 comes in the same simple and stylish white box as the previous Zidoo products. On top we can see the brand logo, product name and a row of 7 icons featuring the most important features for the Zidoo X5 device: 4K, 3D, Quad core/64-bit, ZIUI, WiFi, H.265 10bit and Kodi.
The product and accessories are kept in 2 separate containers.

Zidoo X5 accessories

On the Zidoo X5 accessories list we can find a small IR remote (with several programmable keys), HDMI cable, power adapter. There's also an user manual and warranty card.

Zidoo X5 front Zidoo X5 back Zidoo X5 side

The device casing is made out of a good quality plastic that looks glossy without attracting fingerprints. It has just the Zidoo logo printed on top and on the front you can notice the IR receiver.

The left side has the two USB ports and the MicroSD port and there are no ports on the right side.

On the back we have optical and HDMI outputs, RJ-45 Ethernet, CVBS, DC-in and a tiny reset pinhole.

So what we expect from this device? Amlogic S905 is meant for mid-range TV boxes and Zidoo chose to keep the costs down by using the 1GB RAM version.
This indicates us that for X5 Zidoo was looking for a H.265/HDMI 2.0/4K device with a competitive price - we'll see how the device performs in our detailed review.

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