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Zidoo X6 Pro

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    Rockchip RK3368
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The new Rockchip RK3368 TV box from Zidoo just arrived, we'll check it out this week. Today we start with the unboxing.

Zidoo is launching it's third product after their HDMI-in recorder Zidoo X9 and their Zidoo X1 low-cost mini PC. They also have a few less-known Zidoo devices that are not meant for home-use, you can read about them here.

The Zidoo X6 Pro mini PC marks a cornerstone for Zidoo as a brand, so the "Pro" in the name might mean something.

Zidoo released Kodi source code modifications for the X6 Pro ahead of it's official launch, became an HDMI adopter, got their own MAC address space (80:0A:80), even designed their own board (X6 Pro's PCB is named Z_X6_V1.0).

Everything points to a more mature and responsive brand, one with a Western approach - that's really something in the Chinese manufacturers world.

Zidoo X6 Pro unboxing

Zidoo X6 Pro is coming in a small white box that has everything about the device on a single row of icons (4K, 3D, H.265/HEVC, Android 5.1, Kodi Isengard, ZIUI, 8 core/64 bit, 2G DDR3, 16G eMMC, 802.11ac, Gigabit Ethernet). That's pretty much everything written on the box except for the product name and the usual legal icons (CE, RoHS, that kind of thing).
But you have to admit that all these specs do look impressive, and couple that with Zidoo's engineering team which promised a steady flow of firmware updates and we got ourselves a promising device.

Zidoo X6 Pro box Zidoo X6 Pro box Zidoo X6 Pro box

First impression after unboxing it: it's very small. In fact, Zidoo X6 is smaller than Zidoo X1! This time they went with a more traditional approach, replacing the futuristic look the X1 had for a more traditional one - a silvery rounded square.
A minor disappointment is that is made out of plastic and not metal (like Zidoo X9), but it looks good, so we'll get over it.
Box contents: below the Mini PC itself, in a separate container we find:

  • Zidoo X6 Simple Manual
  • a tiny warranty "guarantee" (Zidoo folks, if you're reading this, hire an English copywriter for this)
  • the IR remote control - looks like the same one they have used for Zidoo X1, simple and easy to use but without a "stop" button
  • HDMI cable
  • power adapter

Zidoo X6 Pro box contents Zidoo X6 Pro package contents

On the top there's the Zidoo logo and a "Octa core 64 bit" stamp, the front has only a small black area that hides the IR receiver and power led.
On the left side we have two USB ports and the Micro SD port.
Most ports are, as usual, on the back: 3.5 mm CBVS jack, RJ-45 LAN, HDMI 2.0, a tiny pinhole for forcing firmware updates and the optical S/PDIF port.
There's nothing on the right side.
This model does not have an external wi-fi antenna, we'll test the wi-fi speed results later this week.

Zidoo X6 Pro front Zidoo X6 Pro back Zidoo X6 Pro left

Zidoo X6 Pro can be already purchased from some Chinese wholesalers and from Amazon USA, you can read more about it on Zidoo's website.

Time to test this little device now - if you want anything specific tested, just leave a comment here or on Twitter.

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