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The Zidoo team has been busy lately, launching a new firmware update for their Zidoo X9 flaghip (which we reviewed here) and several new products.

Firmware version V1.0.3.3 is now available, with several bugfixes.

Free Zidoo X1

Zidoo X1 will be available soon, and Zidoo is giving away 100 X1's for free on their forum.

The giveaway starts today, and all you need to do in order to participate is to post a picture with your HDTV and your email ID - there are already several entries there which you can use for inspiration.
Zidoo also wants you to promote this campaign on social networks, but it's unclear if it's a requirement or just a suggestion.

If you are among the 100 lucky winners all you have to do is provide the shipping address (and pay a flat $10 fee for shipping, with DHL).

Zidoo X1

Zidoo 4K professional streaming player

Zidoo will launch soon a new device called simply "Zidoo 4K". This is not intended for home-use however, but for "HD TV Marketplaces".

Essentially, the Zidoo 4K is a combination between and 1x8 HDMI splitter and a player/streamer, designed for long-term use, basically to show-off those expensive TV's by providing them with high-quality content.

On the player side, it supports 4K UHD signal output with 3840*[email protected] and 1080P HD signal output 1920*[email protected], and can decode both H.265 and H.264.

There's no info yet on the SoC used, and it does seem to have only one USB 3.0 port which can be used to attach an HDD and one USB 2.0 port for an airmouse.

Zidoo 4K Zidoo 4K

Zidoo 12K UHD Player

Zidoo 12K can be used to provide video signal to three 4K monitors, and is again best used on "HD TV Marketplaces".

It has a built-in HDD (specs unknown) and can also play from USB.

It supports 3x3840*[email protected] and [email protected], and from the specs could share the unknown SoC used for Zidoo 4K.

Zidoo 12K Zidoo 12K

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