Unboxing: Egreat I6 Wintel Mini PC

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Egreat I6

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    Intel Z3735F
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Egreat has been quiet for a couple of years, the last product that was successfully sold abroad being the Realtek RTD1186 item Egreat R6S.

All that changed in December last year, when you could read about their 2015 roadmap here on MiniPCDB Blog. They went through a rebranding, some major changes in their team, and now are committed to offer better quality software (at least their partnership with Vidon.me suggests that).

We received a review unit from their Mstar-based Egreat A9 and one from the Intel-based Egreat I6.

Where to buy Egreat I6

Egreat I6 can be purchased from BangGood, GeekBuying .

Egreat I6 box Egreat I6 box with Windows 8.1 logo Egreat I6 box with icons for it's main specs Egreat I6 box Intel inside Egreat I6 box: monitor featuring the Metro UI Egreat I6 box: subtle reference that a Windows license is not included Egreat I6 box: features

While there's no shortage of Mini PC's based on the Intel Atom Bay-trail Z3735F processor, Egreat did bring something to the table.

First of all, it's the chassis : they used their own, battle-proven, aluminum case which is great for passive heat dissipation - so your Egreat I6 won't make any noise at all, which makes it perfect for living room entertainment. They also have a VGA video output, so you can use it wih your old monitor or maybe you can setup a dual-screen using both HDMI and VGA outputs.

Egreat I6: actual unboxing Egreat I6: box contents : mini PC and power adapter only

As mentioned before, we received two units for review from Egreat - Egreat I6 and Egreat A9.

Since I've mentioned the rebranding Egreat has gone through, it was surprising to see that the I6, which in theory should be a newer product, still has the old Egreat logo on it. The box itself is nicely colored , has the usual "intel inside" logo, a picture with the product itself next to a big screen and the main features (intel processor, low power consumption, no noise, HDMI output, Wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth).

One thing worth mentioning: on one side there's a messaging stating "Can be installed with Windows OS" which suggests that the Windows licence might not be included in the price, so you might want to ask your retailer if the price includes the Windows license or not.


Egreat I6: front view Egreat I6: left view Egreat I6: left view: ventilation Egreat I6: back view: connectors Egreat I6 right side - USB connectors Egreat I6:VGA, HDMI, LAN Egreat I6 right side - USB connectors

As you can see, Egreat I6 has three USB 2.0 ports, while most other Bay-trail Z3735F Mini PC's only have two.

An extra USB port could be very useful if you want to connect a keyboard, a mouse and an external USB storage device, although you might want to avoid cables altogether for one of them and just use a Bluetooth keyboard.